We are creating a future where
Muslim-led initiatives are at the forefront
of tackling every environmental crisis

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Our mission is to increase environmental and climate awareness, and activate solutions grounded in our beliefs and responsibilities as a Muslim community

Through research, education, and entrepreneurship, we aim to return to a culture of environmental stewardship and justice

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Muslim Environmental Justice Directory

Faithfully Sustainable’s Environmental Justice Directory celebrates a vibrant interdisciplinary community of Muslim leaders and ethical businesses at the forefront of environmental innovation. Through this platform we seek to foster connections, promote prosperous communities, and spotlight contributions towards equitable and regenerative solutions.

Learn more about the leaders in this space, engage their work, or book speakers for your next event!

This link will lead you to interdisciplinary infographics, articles, and papers touching across various themes including: Islamic frameworks, Environmental and Social Justice, Sustainability and Regeneration, Development and Economics.
If you would like to be featured in our education section, you may submit your work for consideration below.


We partner with Muslim Students Associations, businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, masajids, and more. We can plan, co-host, partner, or speak at virtual and in-person events.

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FS is currently run by a passionate, self-motivated, and talented team of Muslim volunteers. Most of our volunteers today, will be our paid contributors, staff members, and board advisors of tomorrow inshaAllah. We invite you to join us.

You may apply to open roles, or let us know of specific skills you would like to contribute.

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